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Steel Bars
Steel Bar is reckoned for its even surface quality, quenched surface and good machining characteristics. This metal bar has exceptional strength. Precise design, flat shape and high temperature proof design are its main features.
Steel Joists
Steel Joist is used as suitable floor and roof construction material. This light weight joist is convenient to install and its fitting charge is affordable. It is offered in different specifications to suit exact application needs of customers.
Steel Plates
Steel Plate is used as an indispensable part of elevator, walkway, staircase and vehicle flooring.  Floor made of this plate is slippage protected for its distinctive surface pattern.
Steel Angles
Steel Angles are considered as integral part of construction job. These are also used to design material handling equipment and towers. High strength, corrosion proof galvanized surface and good abrasion resistance capacity are their key factors.
Galvanized Steel Products
Galvanized Steel Products are considered as integral parts of various construction projects. Zinc coated surface of these products act as the perfect barrier against abrasion, rust and moisture to prolong their working life.
Steel Rods
Steel Rods are used in construction industry on a large scale due to their high strength, long lasting service life and robustness. These are ideal for reinforcing concrete in order to increase its strength. The said bars are also applicable for bridges, stations, barrier walls, building foundations and more.
Steel Pipes
Steel Pipe is preferred over other metal versions of pipe for its Eco friendly quality and recyclable nature. Smooth inner structure of this pipe prevents blockage and maintains hygienic condition of transferred fluids.
Colour Coating Sheet
Color Coating Sheet is used as reliable roofing solution for warehouses, pre engineered structures and garages. This weather proof sheet is light in weight and its installation cost is negligible.